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Badminton lund 2018

badminton lund 2018

could provide a risk that a too aggressive serve can be delivered with being able to serve very high and being able to rotate. The service height is therefore being assessed in tandem with looking at how the removal of the rule related to the downwards direction of the racket will work. Quarter-finals: August 3 (from.m./4.m./11.m. But the main objective with the Experimental Period is to determine.15 metres is the correct height or if it should be slightly higher. Lund, acknowledging the critical views expressed by some players. The Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) mandates that the whole of the shuttle shall be below.15 metres from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the servers racket. Thereafter, we agreed to test the Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) at BWF events which is what we are doing now, elaborated the Secretary General. Service height experimental period, mAIN objective.

The first tests were conducted in a non-tournament environment and in one international tournament some years ago, and these tests were based on a service height.10 metres. The serve in badminton and especially in doubles is a very important technical stroke to get the rally started and can make a big difference. Nandagopal Tarun Kona Saurabh Sharma Score: 911, 116, 711, 118, 119 Setayesh Abdolkarimi Hamedanchi Azad Hale Samin Abedkhojasteh Hediyeh Shams Score: 113, 119, 115 Algeria International Bilal Elharab Mohamed Mostafa Kamel Score: 2113, 219 Halla Bouksani Linda Mazri Score: 219, 2112 Mohamed Abderrahime Belarbi Adel. There have long been complaints regarding the service laws in badminton and BWF wants to ensure greater fairness in service judging and how the laws are applied. Such a development is complex, expensive and it will take time to ensure a consistent and reliable solution. Clearly it is therefore a big advantage for a tall player to be able to serve from a higher level than smaller players. Rationale FOR THE change: Changing to a fixed height provides the following advantages: Easier for umpires to determine the height (the bottom rib is not always easy to determine).

Very little or no feedback has yet been received from any players, coaches or other stakeholders to suggest other ways to deal with the problem around the service laws, but it is expected that more feedback will be received as the Experimental Period progresses). The tournament will run from Monday through to Sunday, and will be streaming the matches live as well as providing catch-up of the action. Badminton, association of Malaysias proposal last year to trial fixed-height serving to which BWF membership agreed BWF started experimental testing from 1 March. The possibility of including tools to help service judges to assess the serve which is difficult with a service height that can vary a lot depending on the players height. BWF generally agrees that existing service regulations provide a challenge for service judges to rule on all faults and this does not ensure the fairness which BWF is seeking to achieve. All Grade 1 events except the BWF World Junior Championships will undergo testing as will Grade 2 events (the hsbc BWF World Tour and BWF Tour Super 100 events) and continental championships in April. Key World Championships World Tour Finals Super 1000 Super 750 Super 500 Super 300 Super 100 International Challenge International Series kostana bora stankovic knjiga pdf Future Series Team events January edit Week of Tournament Champions Runners-up January 8 Thailand Masters ( Draw ) Tommy Sugiarto Leong Jun Hao Score: 2116.

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