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Skyrim perkus maximus perk Återställ

skyrim perkus maximus perk Återställ

- Leeching Spikes: Magnitude increased to "3" for all drain effects - Rusted Blade: Magnitude increased to "2" for both effects - Spell Eater: Now deals 20 target Magicka as damage to Health, and 10 as damage to Magicka - Sunlight Blade: Increased base. Not to mention that maxing the skill is just a huge grind. Unlocks Alteration's "focus" perks. Note that mod organizer probably can't run it, as the file assigns more RAM than a 32 bit executable can use. Abnegation: Ignores cloak spells, and thus should no longer mess them up - Potential: Bonus no longer applies twice - Eagle Eye: Rank 1 correctly toggles off once rank 2 has been taken - Feint Strength: Now has Illusion skill assigned - Fury: Fixed. A few trees have more interesting effects on paper (I think of Speech and, to some extent, Sneak, Lockpicking and Pickpocket here but unfortunately the most interesting effects are killed by the huge combat-focus in gameplay.

All Restoration spells are 20 cheaper. Installation PerMa consists of a "fake master three functional modules - PerMa-Warrior, PerMa-Mage, PerMa-Thief - and the patcher program Patchus Maximus (PaMa). (Mage module) - Condition lund butiken on xmahewcrushingImpact1 "Crushing Impact" perk:XX36875A Heavy Weapon perk was incorrectly checking that the foe was wearing armor, will now be stronger against foes not wearing chest armor as intended. Sigil of Thunder: Additionally increases shock enchantment strength. And the Mage Armor perk (as well as all related spells) is made completely redundant once you reach Master level spells, which is another no-go. (20) Elemental Potency - Daedra summoning spells may be dual cast to extend their duration. They do not spread from secondary targets. Cryomancer's Contract - Frost spells grow 2 stronger for each perk related to fire or shock magic you didn't invest. 2/2- Increases maximum rune count to 4 and maximum rune cast range by 200.