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Arcteryx bora 95l

arcteryx bora 95l

me say at first I am a backpacker, not a climber, so my experience is given accordingly. I only had 3 small, very small, beefs with the pack. 1) I would like to see a little better design on the lid pocket. It's kind of narrow (Again it could be more like the Osprey's whose pack bag designs are pure brilliance, though the Osprey suspension is lacking. If you are disciplined enough to not use the extra space to take more than you need you will always be glad you have the space on the return when hauling out your animal. The body is 420 ripstop and a 1000 cordura on the bottom and rope pockets. If the frame tweaks or buckles when 10 miles out under over 100 pounds then you will be kicking yourself all the way out not sucking it up and taking a pack that is able to better handle the weight. The Bora 95 was a master at load control, rode very well and was even comfortable. Maybe 2 zippers and 2 side straps (like the Osprey's and Lowe CrossBow).

Originally Posted by sdrhunter thanks for your input. I have a barneys and a mystery ranch nice 6500. Eighty-five pounds was by far and away the most I had ever packed. This Bora is the pack konstnärsmaterial stockholm kungsholmen to make Dana stop and see that it has a very real competitor and at considerably less money. The single compartment is kind of floppy when not stuffed and shaped kinda funny. I have a 32" waist, which is the smallest size for the large hip belt. And the listed number for pounds carried is weighed, not some arbitrary "I am a cool guy" amount. Update: August 2, 1997. While it will iikely get it done with camp and a an animal to pack out, but in my opinion it sucks less (100 pound loads are never easy) with a pack designed to haul the weight. First, I never, ever want to carry that much stuff again! The pocket also has a full length access zipper. It is only half inch nylon webbing, rather than 1 inch.

arcteryx bora 95l